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Christian Ponder wants to pick Brett Favre's brain


Brett Favre never showed much interest in tutoring younger quarterbacks. Christian Ponder plans to ask anyway.

The Minnesota Vikings' second-year quarterback has never talked with Favre, but he'd like to make offseason plans to pick the retired NFL star's brain.

"Maybe going and hanging out with him for a couple of days," Ponder told Fox Sports' Alex Marvez. "We're going to bring that up and try to take advantage of that."

Ponder needs to take advantage of whatever he can. The Vikings will have to decide in the next year or so if Ponder can be a franchise quarterback. He made strides this season with Percy Harvin, but Ponder still hasn't shown the ability to put the team on his back. He already has matched his touchdown pass total from 2011 (13) and is on pace to throw the same amount of interceptions (13).

Can Favre quicken Ponder's development? Would he even be willing to help? Ponder might have to go to Mississippi to find out.

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