Five players fined for Cincinnati Bengals-Oakland Raiders fight

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The Cincinnati Bengals pulled off a 34-10 win over the Oakland Raiders, but the fight between the teams proved to be a costly one.

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Five players were fined $26,250 apiece for their involvement in Sunday's brawl, for a total of $131,250, according to Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer.

Offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth was the only Bengals player to receive a fine. Glazer didn't name the four Raiders players, but The Associated Press later reported they were defensive linemen Desmond Bryant, Lamarr Houston, Tommy Kelly and Matt Shaughnessy.

The fourth-quarter fight was sparked when Whitworth went after Houston for flinging Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton to the ground. The one-on-one altercation quickly turned into a brawl between the teams. Whitworth, Houston and Kelly were ejected from the game, as was Whitworth.



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