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Robert Griffin III's Redskins jersey tops NFL sales chart


Robert Griffin III already is the most popular athlete in Washington D.C. That only took a couple months.

RG3 now is the most popular player in the NFL, according to jersey sales reported by Griffin passed Peyton Manning this weekend to rank No. 1 in jersey sales on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is No. 3 and leads all players without a new jersey. Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck ranks No. 6.

None of this really is a surprise. Griffin's style of play and personality endears him to the masses. And D.C. has been waiting for that type of athlete to enrapture the area. Rumor has it they're even clearing space on the National Mall to honor RG3. The statue will feature Griffin's braids flowing in the wind while he reaches out to dap Abraham Lincoln.

The entire list list:

1. Robert Griffin III

2. Peyton Manning

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Eli Manning

5. Tom Brady

6. Andrew Luck

7. Victor Cruz

8. Tim Tebow

9. Troy Polamalu

10. Patrick Willis

(Quick observation: People love Tebow and Polamalu. The two have barely played in 2012.)

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