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Miami Dolphins not impressed by New England Patriots


Is it wise to poke the bear?

The Miami Dolphins are about to find out.

Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill was asked about playing the New England Patriots -- the team with three Super Bowl victories since 2000. The team that leads the AFC East. The highest-scoring team in the NFL. Those Patriots.

"They're just another team," Tannehill said Wednesday, according to the Miami Herald. "They're a really good team. They've won a lot of games this year. But it's not something that affects us."

Just another team? OK. Give the young guy a break. He's new around here. Tannehill didn't know the NFL divisions; maybe he doesn't know much about the Patriots.

Dolphins veteran linebacker Karlos Dansby gave a little more respect, right?

"A lot of teams have been among the elite," Dansby said. "Everybody has prestige behind their organization. What makes them different than anybody else?

"Every team in the AFC East has prestige behind them -- even the Buffalo Bills. (Sheesh), they went to the Super Bowl four times in a row an didn't win it. So playing them is just like playing the New England Patriots."

Hold up. Playing the Bills is just like playing the Patriots? Sure...

No. 1: Don't think Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won't hear about this. We know they won't hesitate to run up the score.

No. 2: Why the shot at the Bills?

No. 3: Why poke the bear?

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