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The long, strange gridiron voyage of Charles Davis

NFL Network's Charles Davis is embarked on a modern-day odyssey to bring football to the people.
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I'm sitting here in the NFL newsroom watching the replay of Sunday's game between the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Certainly one of the weekend's better matchups and improved by the work of color analyst Charles Davis. Strange thing though: Unless I'm going nuts, Davis also called Saturday's UCLA-Stanford tilt, which unfolded one day prior and 2,500 miles away.

So what gives?

NFL Network's Davis -- who also broadcasts college and pro football for FOX -- is currently embarked on a nationwide voyage that will carry him thousands of miles to 15-plus cities in just over two weeks.

Davis is a busy man during football season, but this past week -- beginning just hours after Thanksgiving dinner with the wife and kids -- has been frantic. Take a gander at his schedule below:

Charles Davis' epic football tour
Approx. mileage
Nov. 23
Orlando to Los Angeles
Stanford-UCLA game
2,500 miles
Nov. 24
Los Angeles to Orlando
Ahead of Falcons- Buccaneers game
2,500 miles
Nov. 25
Orlando to Tampa back to Orlando
160 miles
Nov. 26
Orlando to Milwaukee
Big Ten Championship prep
1,200 miles
Milwaukee to Madison
Meetings with Wisconsin football team
75 miles
Madison to Omaha
More Big Ten Championship prep
430 miles
Nov. 27
Omaha to Lincoln
Meetings with Nebraska football team
45 miles
Lincoln to Omaha to San Francisco
Pac-12 Championship prep
1,700 miles
Nov. 30
San Francisco to Indianapolis
Ahead of Big Ten Championship
2,250 miles
Dec. 2
Indianapolis to Orlando
Home, sweet home
970 miles
Dec. 3
Orlando to New York City
College Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival
1,100 miles
Dec. 6
New York City to Orlando
Back home again
1,100 miles
Total miles:
14,030 miles

By our calculations, Davis will cover 14,030 miles between Nov. 23 and Dec. 6. He'll call the Big Ten and Pac-12 championships, hit the College Football Hall of Fame and pick the brain of countless NCAA coaches and players along the way.

Davis opened the trip Saturday by zipping from his home in Orlando to LA for the UCLA-Stanford affair, then back to Orlando hours later on a red-eye -- plus 160-mile drive to Tampa -- for Sunday's Bucs-Falcons tilt. The Florida return was a last-second favor to fellow broadcaster Brian Billick.

"Brian threw his back out and, so, everything changed a little bit," Davis told Around the League. "The rest of it? All planned."

Hectic? Of course, but here's the upside: Davis rolls with two-million-plus frequent flyer miles on Delta. His take on the middle seat? "Not if I can help it," he said.

"I like to make (the plane) my office. I take paperwork and tape it to the seat in front of me, so I don't have to shift things around," Davis said. "I take depth charts and then tape them to the back of the seat in front of me.

"It works. I'm sure some people are like, 'Oh, he wants to tell us what he's doing,' but that has nothing to do with it. For a while I thought, maybe I shouldn't do it anymore, but you know something? I gotta get my job done."

Davis made it a point to thank the many people who work to compile research and slap together travel arrangements as he hops from one location to the next.

At the front of that list, his wife and two kids, who are used to Davis' schedule and still get a kick out of seeing Davis on television -- and at home, where he plans to return after this epic trek is wrapped.

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