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Rex Ryan expects Tim Tebow to be cleared for play


New York Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters Wednesday he expects Tim Tebow to be cleared to play Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. Whether the backup quarterback sees the field is another story.

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"We'll see how he progresses during the week," Ryan told the New York Daily News. "He's limited right now and we'll see, but I guess the answer is 'yes,' I think he'll be cleared to play like was he was last week."

Ryan came under fire for having Tebow suit up for Thursday's epic loss to the New England Patriots while deactivating third-string quarterback Greg McElroy. Had starter Mark Sanchez been hurt -- or, gasp, inspired coaches to replace him -- the only option was a quarterback with two cracked ribs. On paper, questionable planning.

Tebow is listed as limited for Wednesday's practice. McElroy is expected to run the scout team and take a handful of the backup's snaps. Ryan said he would know later in the week if Tebow can be used in the Jets' hyper-stagnant Wildcat package against the Cardinals.

No matter how you move the chess pieces around, the Tebow/Sanchez/McElroy operation has been an underwhelming affair for the 4-7 Jets.

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