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Richard Sherman of Seattle Seahawks denies ingesting Adderall


Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman denied ingesting any form of the banned prescription drug Adderall in any way, saying any reports or anything to the contrary are "incorrect."

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In a text message Tuesday, Sherman said, "I did not take anything." He said the same thing in a text message Monday after reports surfaced that he and fellow Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner were facing four-game suspensions for testing positive for Adderall, a medical narcotic typically prescribed for patients with attention deficit disorder. Sherman acknowledged that the NFL notified both players about positive results for a banned substance.

Sherman and Browner are appealing their suspensions, and no date for the appeal has been set. There are indications, according to a source, that appellate hearings might not take place for several weeks, which would allow Browner and Sherman to compete through most of the regular season -- at the least. Players can continue to work until the entire appeal process is complete.

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