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Stephen Jones optimistic about Cowboys in playoffs


So you're telling me there's a chance?!

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Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones isn't giving up hope on a playoff berth despite dwindling odds. The Cowboys are 5-6 and technically in contention, but anyone who has watched Dallas with an objective eye should be skeptical, in the least.

Jones doesn't want to hear that.

"We've got just as good a chance as anybody else," Jones told The Dallas Morning News. "We are just a game out of the wild card, two games out of the division lead. We are going to fight and play hard. We have played a lot of these good teams. Feel like on any given Sunday we can play with them."

There's a lot of parity in the NFL. Most teams can make that claim.

Assuming it will take at least nine wins to get into the NFC playoffs, the Cowboys would have to win four of the next five games. Their remaining schedule: the Eagles, at the Bengals, Steelers, Saints and at the Redskins.

Even owner Jerry Jones knows that's a tall order.

"We're running out of time as to the playoffs," Jerry Jones said on KRLD FM, via's Calvin Watkins. Do we have enough time? It's numerically possible."

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