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Did Ray Rice bail out a desperate Joe Flacco?

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Was Ray Rice's incredible catch and run Sunday, to convert a fourth-and-29 that led to Baltimore's come-from-behind victory over the Chargers, the Play of the Year?

Yes. For Joe "Allegedly Elite" Flacco, who was saved from untold shame by his teammate and personal savior, Ray Rice. It's not just losing to the Chargers. It's letting them hold on to their lead. 

Love how you turn a great play into a shot at Joe Flacco..

Consider the situation: On the road, down a field goal, inside the two-minute mark, fourth-and-29, and your receivers are covered. Dumping the ball to Rice was a concession, an act of desperation.

Smart quarterbacking too. That's what you do when guys downfield are covered.

Flacco's passer rating drops 40 points on the road. Guy's got six fewer TD's away from Baltimore. You want to be recognized and paid as elite? You better be able to beat the Norvelous ones.

He did.

Whenever Flacco finally signs, and whatever he signs for, Ray Rice should get between 5 and 8 percent off the top. Goodnight.

Nice. By the way, the Play of the Year was Eli to Cruz, 77 yards with just more than a minute left to beat the 'Skins. Giants lose that, they're tied at 6-5 with Washington in NFC East.



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