Brodrick Bunkley kicks Alex Boone in head; fine next?


New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley should be facing a hefty fine or a possible suspension from the NFL after he kicked San Francisco 49ers guard Alex Boone in the head on Sunday.

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Bunkley committed the penalty on a failed 49ers field-goal attempt late in San Francisco's stirring 31-21 win. The video above doesn't leave much room for interpretation.

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was suspended for stomping on an opponent last year in another high-profile, nationally televised game.

Bunkley isn't as well-known as Suh, and he's not a repeat offender of the NFL's conduct policy. But this was exactly the type of behavior that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is trying to eliminate. We'd be surprised if the league doesn't come down hard on Bunkley.

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