Video: Sprinklers on Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks


It appeared early on during Sunday's 24-21 comeback victory over the Seattle Seahawks that things were going in the wrong direction for the Miami Dolphins. So the home team came up with a unique way to slow down the Seahawks' momentum. The sprinklers went off.

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In a moment straight out of a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial, the sprinkler system suddenly interrupted a Dolphins drive by going off. Our favorite part of the deal: One official ran from the water like he would melt if wet.

According to reports, the sprinklers covered most of the field, drawing a cheer from the crowd and causing a brief delay. The sprinklers quickly were turned off, and players toweled off before action resumed.

We're just disappointed that the sprinklers didn't go off during a play. Then again, maybe the Dolphins were just testing the system for possible use during a Seahawks fourth-quarter play.

UPDATE: Ben Volin of The Palm Beach Post reports that a computer glitch caused the sprinkler system to go off. The sprinklers still were set on the Saturday schedule.

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