Fireman Ed, New York Jets could be on outs after loss


Well, the New York Jets finally did it. They broke Fireman Ed.

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Ed Anzalone, the most famous Jets fan in America, reportedly split during halftime of a humiliating 49-19 loss to the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving night. He deactiviated his popular Twitter account as well, an exclamation point to a butt slide of an evening.

Former Jets defensive lineman Kris Jenkins snarled on Twitter, "Guess he went back to the Dolphins," a reference to Anzalone's former fan leanings before he became the Jets' de facto mascot years ago.

(Ed, if you're out there, come back to us. It's going to be ... OK.)

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As has been the case for some time, I pleaded with Around the League editor Gregg Rosenthal to greenlight the Jets' addition to our "Stick A Fork In 'Em" series. Gregg is remarkably stubborn on the issue and still believes the Jets can sneak into the dance at 8-8, noting a favorable upcoming schedule and looming tiebreaker edge over the Indianapolis Colts.

So, Gang Green lives on, at least here at Around the League. The good news? ATL's resident Patriots guy must pull for the Jets over the next month to support a gut feeling.

Fireman Gregg?

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