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Adrian Peterson to Derrick Rose: Don't be scared


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson tore his anterior cruciate ligament late in the 2011 season and is inexplicably in the midst of a career year.

A four-part series on player health and safety with reporter Andrea Kremer aired Tuesday through Friday on NFL Network:

Tuesday: Football's safety issues
Wednesday: Virginia Tech's helmet technology, The "Hit System"
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Friday: The lack of common safety standards in youth football

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Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose tore his ACL late in the 2011-12 NBA season and is working to return this year.

Peterson told the Chicago media that he plans to call Rose this week.

"I just got his contact this weekend, just to talk to him a little bit and see how things are going with him and to answer any questions he has for me," Peterson said, via

A torn ACL used to be a career-changer -- or ender. Modern medicine, plus Peterson being a freak of nature, has him on pace for 1,804 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. If anyone can give Rose words of encouragement, it's All Day.

"The one piece of advice I can give him is have your mind set on what you want to accomplish and know, after four months that ligament is stable and strong, so don't back down from anything," Peterson said. "I know around that time, my leg was still a little sore, too, but the ligament was strong, almost stronger than the right side.

"So you can't be scared to challenge and do different things."

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