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Eagles-Cowboys hold onto 'SNF' slot despite records


A team doesn't have play well to pull a primo spot on "Sunday Night Football." Just be entertaining.

The Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys game will remain in the NBC slot on Dec. 2 despite Philadelphia's weekly self-destruction. The Eagles have lost six consecutive games and scored the second-fewest points in the NFL.

Why-oh-why would millions be subjected to the Eagles while trying to digest dinner? Because millions love to be subjected to the Cowboys.

"America's team" is good for ratings and always have some kind of drama-filled subplot. NBC has banked on that making up for the bland 5-5 record. The Eagles are their division rival and sure to be in the midst of some implosion.

Between the Cowboys' schizophrenia and the Eagles litany of issues, doesn't this seemed destined to be the game of the week? Or is that just wishful thinking?

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