Ron Rivera: I'll be with Carolina Panthers all season


The wildly unlucky, unhappy season for the Carolina Panthers isn't likely to include an in-season coaching change.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Monday that he has been led to believe after conversations with team owner Jerry Richardson that he will keep his job the rest of the season.

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"I don't know what's going to happen, and I won't know until after the season. I know that much," said Rivera, whose Panthers are 2-8. "And I know that nothing's going to happen until after the season. So what our guys have to understand is that they're playing for now. They're playing for each other."

Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer spoke to a team source who also expects Rivera to finish out the season. But it sure sounds like the end is near.

"I'm not concerned about me, I'm really not. I'm concerned about them," Rivera said about his coaching staff. "Whether I'm here next year or not, I will be A-OK."

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