LeSean McCoy, Michael Vick ailing from concussions


Another week, another concussion for a big Philadelphia Eagles star.

A four-part series on player health and safety with reporter Andrea Kremer aired Tuesday through Friday on NFL Network:

Tuesday: Football's safety issues
Wednesday: Virginia Tech's helmet technology, The "Hit System"
Thursday: Inside Darrelle Revis' rehab
Friday: The lack of common safety standards in youth football

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Eagles coach Andy Reid said Monday that he doesn't believe the concussion suffered by running back LeSean McCoy the previous day is as serious as the one quarterback Michael Vick suffered last week, but only time will tell.

Reid said McCoy and Vick still were in Stage 1 of concussion testing. That means their baseline tests aren't normal. McCoy had a headache Monday. It appears Vick still is suffering serious symptoms.

Rookie quarterback Nick Foles unsurprisingly couldn't turn around the 3-7 Eagles' fortunes Sunday against the Washington Redskins. He wasn't accurate and wasn't protected well, either.

Reid indicated Vick would return to the starter's role when cleared from his concussion.

Reid cited the big plays given up by the Eagles' defense as a problem. That problem has dramatically increased since Reid fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

"I know we're letting the fans down and the city down. I completely understand that," Reid said, via the Eagles' official website. "There are no excuses."

It's almost hard to believe that Reid and Co. have to go through six more weeks of this.

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