Football fan with cerebral palsy sees dream come true


Will Fahey was the biggest fan of the Wellesley High School football team in Massachusetts. Until he was added to the roster.

The 17-year-old has cerebral palsy and started watching Wellesley's football practices while in middle school. For six years, he hardly has missed a game. He's usually in a wheelchair because it's too painful to walk, but the team's coaching staff now allows him to watch and participate in practice.

"It's my passion," Fahey said. "My dad did it in high school. I follow my idols."

As the cool "CBS This Morning" story above shows, the team recently allowed Fahey to take the first snap of its final home game.

"It takes heart," Fahey said when asked why he loves football. "That's what it takes. And it's called the Raider pride."