Michael Vick 'foggy' and fatigued, Eagles trainer says


Nick Foles will make his first NFL start for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Judging by the latest update on Michael Vick, it could be the first of several starts for Foles this season.

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Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder said Vick -- who suffered a concussion during a Week 10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys -- finished below the baseline, following impact testing Friday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Burkholder said he usually will administer a three- or four-phased exercise challenge, but Vick wasn't up to it.

"He has too many symptoms for us to even exercise him," Burkholder said.

Eagles coach Andy Reid told reporters Monday that Vick suffered a "pretty significant" concussion against the Cowboys.

That's certainly in line with Burkholder's update Friday. The trainer said Vick no longer is dealing with headaches and his vision has returned to normal, but he added he's "not the Michael Vick that I know when he's healthy."

"He's foggy. He's not very alert right now in terms of he just doesn't have that energy," Burkholder said. "He's tired all the time. He's slept a lot. He's not getting rid of the fatigue. I would consider him heavy-eyed."

Foggy. Tired. Fatigued. Heavy-eyed. These don't sound like the symptoms of a quarterback close to returning to the field.

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