Kansas City Chiefs manage to grab first lead of season


The 1929 Buffalo Bisons are popping the champagne in that great big tailgate party in the sky.

When running back Jamaal Charles crashed into the end zone with 8:42 to go in the first quarter on Monday night, the Kansas City Chiefs were in a position completely unfamiliar to them: They were playing from ahead.

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The 1929 Bisons didn't hold a lead at any point until their season finale, a streak of eight consecutive games. They folded for good after that season, which provided a nice exclamation point to things. The Chiefs would've passed the Bisons had they not managed to jump ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Chiefs won a game, of course, beating the New Orleans Saints in overtime back in Week 3. But they went nearly 489 minutes of regulation game time before tasting the sweet nectar of a lead. This is remarkable, especially when you consider how many people believed the Chiefs were actually going to win the AFC West.

(You know who you are.)

The Chiefs aren't playoff-bound, but they can at least rest easy knowing they didn't eclipse the Bisons, who undoubtedly had planned to haunt the bejeezus out of poor Romeo Crennel if they were erased from the record books.

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