Von Miller: If I sack Cam Newton, I'll go Superman

  • By Kevin Patra NFL.com
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Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has been proverbially chasing Cam Newton off the field the last few years -- from being taken No. 2 overall behind Newton in the 2011 NFL Draft, to the commercials, the hype and, of course, the popularity of their respective celebrations.

Now, sackmaster Miller (who has nine sacks so far in 2012 after 11.5 in 2011) will get to literally chase Newton on the field during Sunday's matchup with the Carolina Panthers.

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If Miller catches last season's NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, he says he'll forego his usual "DeSoto Shuffle" and perform the quarterback's well-known Superman celebration.

"That would be great," Miller told USA Today's Lindsay Jones. "I hope I get a chance to do it."

Miller told Jones he wouldn't mean it as a sign of disrespect but rather admiration.

"This is the best sport in the world, so to get to go out there and show excitement in front of millions of people, that's like you're getting paid to party," Miller said.

Party and, Broncos fans hope, dance.

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