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Greg Schiano voted least-liked coach by NFL players


If you're looking to send an NFL player to football Hades, where would that be?

Buffalo, according to Greg Schiano.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach was the latest to be asked about a Sporting News poll, in which Schiano was voted the coach players would least like to play for. The publication anonymously polled 103 players from 27 teams, and the first-year coach received 20 votes, beating out Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan.

Schiano's "who cares" response to the poll was predictable, but the subtle shot at Buffalo was unexpected and a little entertaining.

"Sixty-one guys. That's the only ones I care (about), the ones back in that locker room," Schiano told the Tampa Bay Times. "Now if they voted? We're going to ship them off to Buffalo or something."

Poor Buffalo. My hometown of Detroit usually gets that treatment.

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My question is: How is Schiano so hated, so quickly? He has been in the NFL just half a season. Did the whole victory-formation thing tick people off that much? Did all the former Rutgers players vote for him? Did votes come from his own team? Did Raheem Morris make cold calls like he was working for the Obama campaign?

These are the things we need to know.

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