Things to do if you were president of the NFL


What would you do if you had the power to change one thing in the NFL? I posed the question to you. Personally, my biggest idea (well, other than a national holiday following Super Bowl Sunday, which would totally work if you added a bye week to push the big game to President's Day weekend) is this: Rivalry weekend.

That's right, no interdivision games during the first three weeks of the season, and Week 4 is open with teams playing their biggest rivals. Packers vs. Bears; Cowboys vs. Redskins; Steelers vs. Ravens. That would be cool.

But as I asked you the question via Twitter, here were some of my favorite responses.

Devin Hester, everybody.

Yes, this is the bane of Dave Dameshek

Jon Gruden, everybody.

I don't agree with this, because Thursday Night Football is awesome, but I'm willing to let everybody be heard.

Calvin Johnson, everybody!

Spoken on behalf of Dallas Cowboys fans.

Like that!

Smart man.

How'd that sneak in there?

Good one!

Like it!

That's a good place to call it.

Don't stop here, keep them coming!



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