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Chan Gailey's job is safe, says Buffalo Bills' Buddy Nix


Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey doesn't have to worry about his job because general manager Buddy Nix isn't ready to scrap the current rebuilding project.

"I hope I can put that to rest," Nix told the Buffalo News on Saturday. "The age-old thing -- and they've done it around here for years -- is to start over about every three years. What that does is make damn sure you don't make it.

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"You change every three years and you never quite get there. That's my take."

The Bills were expected to be much improved with a defense led by free-agent signee Mario Williams, but the unit is ranked last in the NFL.

"Listen, you score 34 points, you're supposed to win the damn game," Nix said. "How many do we have to score?"

The Bills have gone through five coaches since Marv Levy retired 15 years ago. Nix said some of those changes were made to satisfy the fan base.

"You appease 'em for about three months, and then when you line up you gotta do it again," Nix said. "I think Chan is the best -- he's one of the best offensive coaches in the league. We're playing three phases of our team -- two of them are playing well and we have to get the other one up to par."

The defense is giving up an NFL-high 176.9 rushing yards per game. Nix recently said he will draft a franchise quarterback soon, but the defense is the problem in Buffalo.

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