San Diego Chargers come alive vs. Kansas City Chiefs


Never underestimate Norv Turner's ability to survive.

With rumors swirling in San Diego this week that Chargers owner Dean Spanos would fire Turner if the team lost at home to the hapless Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego came through in a big way Thursday night in a 31-13 victory.

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Philip Rivers was very sharp except for one red-zone mistake, and the Chargers defense made the big plays it has been missing to close the game out. Only one of Rivers' 20 passes hit the ground. His teammates caught 18 throws for 220 yards and two touchdowns. Perhaps in deference to the Chiefs' talented pass rush, the Chargers focused on getting the ball out of Rivers' hands quickly. It worked.

The Chiefs' bumbling offense did the rest. Dwayne Bowe killed a promising drive with a fumble. Dexter McCluster fumbled a punt and dropped a pass that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Matt Cassel was strip-sacked in the end zone. Linebacker Donald Butler had another big night in a standout season.

"Norvember" is when the Chargers usually right the ship, just in time for the team to make a December run to save Turner's job. We have doubts this squad has the horses to do it; they have come up very small in big spots this season. This win only proves they aren't the worst of the worst. All four of their wins have come against losing teams. 

Yes, that's right. The Chargers have four wins -- the same number as the AFC West-leading Denver Broncos. Norv's bunch is never quite as dead as they seem.

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