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Jaguars not worried Mike Thomas will be spy for Lions


The Jacksonville Jaguars are choosing to trust Mike Thomas.

The Jaguars traded the fourth-year pro to the Detroit Lions this week. The move didn't steal headlines, but the timing was interesting because the teams play each other Sunday in Jacksonville.

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Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey isn't concerned about his former wide receiver spilling trade secrets.

"I'm sure he's going to fill them full of information, but I think it's very hard to take it and do anything with it," Mularkey told The Associated Press. "You tell them everything. Sometimes it's too much -- information overload."

Wide receiver Justin Blackmon said "there's nothing that he can give away that we don't already change from week to week in the game plan. We're not worried about him being a spy or anything like that."

The espionage chatter is intriguing, but the Jaguars -- spread on the basement floor of the AFC South -- have bigger concerns right now.

Besides, the first order of business for Thomas is picking up the Lions' passing game, which has proven more dynamic and creative than anything the Jaguars have put on the field this season. With or without Thomas, the Jaguars are in a compromised position in 2012.

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