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Carolina Panthers plan to attack Robert Griffin III

  • By Kevin Patra
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The Carolina Panthers' defensive front has one plan to try and slow down rookie sensation Robert Griffin III: Attack.

"We've got to attack him. I think that's going to be his downfall," defensive end Greg Hardy said Wednesday, according to the Charlotte Observer. "He's young. If you're going to give him a chance to make plays, he's going to make plays. If you sit back on your heels, he's going to attack you because that's all his instincts. That's all he's got."

Hardy's summation is correct: RG3 has proven he can pick apart a defense if you give him time, assuming his receivers actually catch the ball. The Panthers' defensive line destroyed the Chicago Bears' front last week, piling up six sacks in the first half and causing two fumbles from quarterback Jay Cutler.

Griffin is a completely different quarterback, but Hardy said the Panthers' plan remains the same.

"If you put him on the ground, you hit him in the face, I feel like he's going to go into his shell a little bit, and he'll have to think about it," he said. "He's a quarterback. That's what they do."

Even when defenses get after RG3, he often still finds a way to make a play -- just ask the New York Giants. He's also shown extraordinary toughness, returning after taking several big hits already this season.

The Panthers understand what sort of player they will try to attack Sunday.

"I just watched film today, and that guy looked good. He looked real good," Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson said. "He looked fast, athletic. We've just got to get after him."

"He's fast," Hardy said. "I personally haven't played anyone like him. I can't recall right now."

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