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Dez Bryant's domestic violence case hasn't been dropped

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Dez Bryant isn't off the hook for a domestic violence charge.

Dallas County district attorney Craig Watkins said Wednesday, via The Dallas Morning News, that his office will move forward with its case against the Cowboys wide receiver. Watkins' statement refutes previous reports that Bryant was close to working out a deal of some sort, according to The Morning News.

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"The charges against Dez Bryant have not been dropped," Watkins said. "In fact, we've accepted the charges from the Desoto police department. At this point, we will make a determination on the best direction that we'll go in as it relates to the prosecution of Mr. Bryant."

Bryant's attorney, Royce West, told ESPNDallas.com that he hadn't yet spoken to the district attorney's office.

"If indeed the district attorney's office said it's true, we'll move forward with the case through the criminal justice system," West said. "I'm never surprised by anything. I've been in law for over 30 years. If the DA thinks it has probable cause, we'll go from there."

The charges stem from a July 14 incident in which Angela Bryant, Dez's mother, called police and accused her son of physical violence. Angela told police she and Dez got into an argument, in which Dez pulled her hair and slapped her across the face with his cap.

DeSoto police filed a Class A misdemeanor charge of assault family violence against Dez Bryant but also gave prosecutors an affidavit of non-prosecution from Angela Bryant, which essentially asked that the charges be dismissed. Watkins said his office still can make the determination to move forward with charges, despite the affadavit.

"We have victims everyday that file affidavits of non-prosecution," Watkins said. "We take those into consideration, but we take other issues into consideration, too ... so that's just one element of the prosecution that we consider."



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