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Andrew Luck: Indianapolis Colts aren't satisfied


There has been a lot of love for the Indianapolis Colts in the last several weeks.

The Colts are 4-3, No. 2 in the AFC South and ahead of the rebuild schedule. They've won three of four and have the Miami Dolphins at home this week, then a Nov. 4 trip to visit the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Those are two winnable games that could put Indianapolis at 6-3. A playoff berth is a distinct possibility. That exceeds all expectations after the squad went 2-14 in 2011.

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The drafting of Andrew Luck provided the franchise quarterback to replace Peyton Manning, but few expected this many wins this fast. Some predicted four wins total in 2012, not in eight weeks.

How will the Colts deal with all the praise?

"I realize this is no time to let up and start patting yourself on the back," Luck said. "We haven't accomplished squat in the grand scheme of things."

The Colts would be the AFC's No. 6 seed if the playoffs began today. By the way, the last two Super Bowls were won by wild-card teams. We're just pointing out a fact, not predicting.

"I think you realize who cares if the playoffs started today," Luck said. "They don't. It doesn't matter what your record is now. It matters what it is after that last week.

"It's great that people say nice things about us, great if people said bad things about us, whatever. It's part of playing this game. We are just worried about trying to win football games."

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