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Robert Griffin III not a fan of Cam Newton comparisons


Robert Griffin III probably is annoyed with comparisons, period. He'll always be linked to Indianapolis Colts No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck. Some always will compare him with other quarterbacks of the same race. This week, and probably for several years, it's RG3-Cam Newton.

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Griffin sounds over it.

"We're just two totally different people." Griffin said, via the Charlotte Observer. "Our bodies are different. The way we play the game is totally different."

Both are uber-athletic with superior arm strength. At 6-foot-5, 245 pounds, Newton is much more equipped to take repeated hits than 6-2, 217-pound Griffin.

Both force opponents to respect their ability to run as much as their arm. Both know how to rock a suit and tie, though RG3 gets the edge with his sock game.

The nation is drooling over RG3 the way it did with Newton last year. As Newton found out, it's not easy to sustain that kind of success year in and year out. All the love from pundits can disappear as quickly as it arrived.

Ask Matthew Stafford about that. Or anyone not named Brady, Brees, Manning or Rodgers.

The world seems to be crumbling down around the 1-6 Panthers. Newton hasn't handled adversity that well, and coach Ron Rivera could be fired any day.

Meanwhile, Griffin might be awarded the key to Washington D.C. any day. The Redskins are 3-5, and optimism is running wild. Griffin, however, is on a much more talented roster.

The Panthers are criticized for running zone-read schemes, but the Redskins are praised for adapting their offense to RG3's skill set with zone-read schemes. And those are far from the only two NFL offense with zone-read facets.

So what's the bottom line with all the Griffin love and Newton hate? Wins and losses. Griffin has been lauded for his infectious personality and finally giving the Redskins a promotable face for the franchise. The same was said about Newton in 2011 -- when the Panthers were winning.

UPDATE: Griffin told reporters Wednesday that he'd "rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers, a guy who has won Super Bowls," according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

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