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Are Seattle Seahawks for real, or overly optimistic?

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The Seahawks are 4-4 after two consecutive losses, but coach Pete Carroll thinks they could be 8-0. Typical Pete "hyper-optimism?"

Unwarranted optimism, is more like it. I've seen this before. Back in '94 when Carroll coached the Jets. Didn't work then. Won't work now.

Why is it unwarranted? He's not selling any bull-stuff. He's basically letting his young team know they were a few plays from being better.

Rose-colored glasses are best worn in occupations other than coaching. This 8-0 stuff? It leads to overconfidence.

Oh, so that's it. He's Rex Ryan now? Carroll, again, is trying to let his team know they're good but could be better. He's not inflating their egos. Not even Optimus Prime.

Not Rex Ryan. This is Carroll being Carroll. You remember Dan Marino's fake spike? That's what overconfidence leads to. That was the beginning of the end of Carroll's short-lived Jets tenure.

Let it go man. The Seahawks are turning things around. No, they're not perfect but they're pretty good. Carroll has had a hand in that. Guys can get better at what they do. Ask Bill Belichick.

Ask Belichick? I don't have to. His quarterback has spoken on the matter. The Patriots could argue that they should be 8-0 as well. Do you hear them making excuses? No.

I don't hear the Seahawks making excuses either. Look at Carroll's quotes in context. No excuses, no hype. Just keeping it optimistic, something I know is not in your vocabulary or lifestyle.

The difference between guys who won and guys who talk about it? Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda. That's the difference. Can't wait until somebody pulls the fake spike on the Seahawks. Goodnight.

Wow. What did Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch do to you? Don't take out your Jets' angst on Seattle. Those guys are a good story -- and a good team.



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