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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones backs Jason Garrett

  • By Kevin Patra
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The Dallas Cowboys' failures in Sunday's 29-24 loss to the New York Giants were plentiful and transparent.

Tony Romo threw four interceptions, and Dez Bryant muffed, then fumbled on a ghastly punt return, to point out two troubled areas that led the Cowboys' quarterback to admit fans had the right to rain down the boos.

Our own Gregg Rosenthal pointed out coach Jason Garrett's questionable play-calling when the Cowboys turned the ball over on downs after throwing three times on the Giants' 19-yard line when they needed to gain only a yard for a new set of downs and New York was conceding the run.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones agreed with Garrett's end-of-game play calls, though.

"The defense was not giving us anything," Jones said Tuesday during his weekly radio segment on KRLD-FM, according to The Dallas Morning News. "Plus, that's their strength is their front seven. ... I have no quarrel with those calls there. We changed a play. We did have an option to run the play. If they had lined up differently, we could have run the ball. But under the circumstances, the way they lined up, I don't second-guess the call."

Jones also addressed Bryant's recent reckless punt returning, saying that while he has averaged a career-low 5.5 yards per return, if he negates the turnovers, his duties might not change.

"At the end of the day, to prevent the turnover is the No. 1 goal," Jones said. "The kicking game, all phases of it, when you make mistakes in it, they're accentuated."

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