DeAngelo Hall: Referee 'equally at fault' for incident


DeAngelo Hall doesn't seem to get it.

The Washington Redskins cornerback was ejected late in Sunday's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers when he went off on head linesman Dana McKenzie over an illegal block by wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

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The wise move would be to accept blame, apologize, hope you're hit with an NFL fine as opposed to a suspension and pray Redskins coach Mike Shanahan doesn't decide you're more trouble than you're worth.

Instead, Hall went on a D.C. radio station Tuesday to proclaim McKenzie "was equally at fault" for the incident.

"From that particular camera angle, you can't see what that ref's saying to me," Hall told WJFK-FM, via The Washington Post. "So it looks like I'm just out there giving him a piece of my mind, and he's smiling and walks away. And that's not the case at all. He's dishing it out just as much as I'm dishing it out."

Hall -- now in his ninth NFL season -- said he's seeking a meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell to tell his side of the story. He suggested the NFL Players Association also is involved, according to The Post, and an NFL spokesman wouldn't comment to the newspaper about Hall's claims.

"It's not a system in place where ... they're the good cops and we're the criminals," he said. "It has to be an even playing field, a level playing field. ... If they want us to go out there and respect them, they have to do the same thing.

"Nobody is going out there trying to bully the referees, and likewise, they shouldn't be out there trying to bully us."

Hall clearly is upset with how he has been portrayed, but he shouldn't let pride get in the way of common sense.

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