ATL Warming Seat: Norv Turner seizes control

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Norv Turner storms the top of the charts thanks to the Chargers' latest stinker.

Welcome back to the ATL Warming Seat, where we discuss NFL coaches whose seats are heating up as the weather cools down.

Norv Turner really outdid himself this week, taking his San Diego Chargers into Cleveland and coming up snake eyes. Meanwhile, the woeful work of Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles has cleared room for Andy Reid.

How exclusive is membership on the Warming Seat? Jason Garrett fell off the list, despite the Dallas Cowboys' killer loss at home to the hated New York Giants. You really have to earn your way on this list.

Let's dig in ...

1. Norv Turner, San Diego Chargers

(Last week: No. 4)

This week on "That's Norv!," a well-timed bye gives the Chargers two weeks to game plan for the hapless Browns. Things get uncomfortable for Norv and the gang when the Bolts manage just six points in a horrifying defeat!

2. Pat Shurmur, Cleveland Browns

(Last week: No. 1)

You win two of three games, you move out of the top spot around these parts. Still, look at this postgame picture. Tell me this wasn't taken at the exact moment that new Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III told Shurmur: "Enjoy it, champ. You're still gone."

3. Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers

(Last week: No. 2)

As I noted Monday in our "Stick A Fork In 'Em" series, the Panthers might be losing, but they play hard for Rivera. Of course, the Panthers cracked our "Stick A Fork In 'Em" series by Week 8. That tells you something.

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4. Romeo Crennel, Kansas City Chiefs

(Last week: No. 3)

In case you missed it, Crennel wasn't "exactly sure" why Jamaal Charles -- his most gifted offensive player -- had just five carries in Sunday's 26-16 loss to the Oakland Raiders. It wasn't because the Chiefs fell behind, or because Charles wasn't 100 percent. He. Just. Didn't. Know. That's not good.

5. Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles

(Last week: Unranked)

Reid has been in trouble before, but this feels different. He fired Juan Castillo, a good friend and principal member of his coaching staff. He's standing behind a quarterback who regresses week after week. Reid is a survivor, but this is his greatest challenge.

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