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Who's better: New England Patriots or Denver Broncos?


The Patriots and Broncos have won two straight games and Tom Brady and Peyton Manning look like they're in serious grooves. Which of these two poses the biggest challenge to Houston?

The Denver Broncos, of course. I didn't think it was possible for them to improve after the halcyon days of Tim Tebow, but they have. What's more, the toughest part is over.

Let's not forget about Baltimore, which I think is strong despite injuries, but New England is really coming together. Run game, pass game and an O-line playing better than we thought.

The Broncos have undergone a complete transition. They've adjusted to a whole new level of scrutiny and expectation. They've survived a brutal stretch in the schedule and are a strong 4-3.

Touche. Denver seems to only be getting better. But so are the Pats. Those close losses taught them a lesson. So did not getting the ball to your man crush, Wes Welker. Now he's The Man.

The Pats lost to Arizona and Seattle. That's not a warning. That's an indication. And so are Manning's numbers over the last five weeks. This team's confidence will continue to grow.

New England shouldn't be ashamed of losing to Seattle and Arizona. The Pats will get stronger when Aaron Hernandez returns.

The Pats have done a great job protecting Brady. A great job running the ball. The defense? Not so much, especially in the secondary. That won't work against Manning or Matt Schaub. Goodnight.

Stop falling for faulty stats. They give up passing yards because teams are playing catch-up. Both teams will be dangerous but Pats have been there, done that.



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