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Tim Tebow must replace Mark Sanchez for New York Jets


The time has come. The New York Jets should acknowledge what the rest of the world already knows: Mark Sanchez is not the answer.

Don't wait any longer. Give Tim Tebow his shot.

The Jets are 25th in passing, 27th in offense and first in excuses.

Yes, I know Sanchez lost his top receiver. I know the running game and the defense aren't what they were.

I also know Sanchez is regressing, completing just 53 percent of his passes. He's not making anybody better.

For all their talk of greatness, the Jets lost by three touchdowns to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. They were beaten by the backup to a rookie.

I didn't see this one coming, said Rex Ryan.

Of course not, Rex. You keep talking about this team as if the Jets are legit contenders. As if Sanchez is some kind of heir to Broadway Joe. Truth is, you lead the league in denial.

Really, where did it start, this idea that Mark Sanchez is above competing for his job?

The Jets are 3-5. The Denver Broncos were 1-4 when they replaced Kyle Orton with Tebow. They finished 8-8. Do the math, Rex.

The Broncos beat the NFL's best defense, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the playoffs last season. Tebow threw for 300 yards that game, tossing the winning touchdown.

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That was 2012. But to hear some people now, it's ancient history.

What's old is the conversation about Tebow. Then, as now, it focused on what he can't do, not what he can.

Don't be a hater, Rex. Or a pretender.

The worst Tebow can do is fail. Something this team has already done without him.

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