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Are the Dallas Cowboys a playoff team?


The Cowboys have failed to win consecutive games this season and have only three winning streaks. Is there any way this 3-4 team can rally to a playoff berth?

Rally? You mean how they rallied yesterday, spotting the Giants 23 points and coming back to almost win? Sure. But the Cowboys will fail the make the playoffs.

It is not in their DNA to do the heavy lifting alone. They data proves this team can't put together the type of winning streak to scare anyone. Three winning streaks in the past 39 games? No wonder.

Tony Romo, who, as much as I've been shilling for him, I'm obligated to mention, is second only to Matt Cassel in turnovers. You can expect bouts of brilliance and bone-headedness from Dez Bryant.

With all the Cowboys' flaws, the Eagles and Redskins are as inconsistent and the Giants are prone to open the door. Remember, they started 6-2 last season and stalled to 7-7.

The inconsistency has less to do with seasons past than the personnel. Jay Ratliff's resurgence, for instance, is offset by Sean Lee going down for the season.

What? The defense isn't the issue. Can't believe you went there as much as you've been banging the O-line and Dez. The inconsistency deals with some players' mental toughness and coaching.

Inconsistency is a team-wide problem. But I can go back to the offense, if you prefer. Good news: DeMarco Murray might be back for the Falcons. Bad news: they were underachieving with him.

It is team-wide, starting with the fact that they rarely have a player make a noteworthy play. A lot of style, but not much substance. Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones have to take a lot of that hit.

Lay off Jerr-uhh. Guy only built a the greatest stadium on the planet. Good news: the Cowboys play 5 of their last 7 at home. Bad news: they derive no home-field advantage. Goodnight.

If Dallas keeps up its habit of not stringing together wins, it's headed for a 7-9, 8-8 season. Jerry will be looking for a new coach. This group is too Jekyll and Hyde aka Kriegel and Kriegel.



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