Rex Ryan: Mark Sanchez is New York Jets' starting QB


The New York Jets are a mess. That much is clear after Sunday's embarrassing 30-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins in front of a salty Meadowlands crowd that got its booing in before Hurricane Sandy sent them indoors.

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The Jets engaged in a war of words with the Dolphins all week, then ate those words against a team that was more focused and better prepared. Rex Ryan said he was "blown away" by the performance, which dropped his Jets to 3-5 and into the AFC East cellar.

Rex is upset, but will he do something about it?

It all begins at the top. The Jets no longer can stick their head in the sand about their quarterback's performance. We know Mark Sanchez can make plays -- we saw that as recently as last week against the New England Patriots -- but his inconsistency continues to hold his team back. It's hard to imagine the light going on now, halfway through his fourth season.

Under normal circumstances, all the factors are in place to shake things up at quarterback. It's not that easy with the Jets, who have created a monster bigger than the team. You thought the big top was over Florham Park before? Just imagine the scene if Ryan stood in front of the podium Monday and announced Tim Tebow as the starter following the Week 9 bye.

Don't count on it happening, though. Ryan said Sunday that Sanchez still was his quarterback.

"He had his moments. He looked good, just like the rest of the team," Ryan said. "There were moments the team played really well, and then there were other moments not so much, so I'd say he played pretty much like the rest."

Ryan said Sanchez still gives his team the best chance to win. It's a comment he's made many times before, but he's starting to look and sound like a guy who doesn't believe it.

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