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Rob Ryan has harsh words for New York Giants


The New York Giants recently claimed they aren't respected. Apparently, they don't give it, either. Isn't this game fun?

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan told the New York Post, via Pro Football Talk, the Giants didn't give the Cowboys credit for their Week 1 victory.

"A bunch of bull----," Ryan said, who went on to speak of the Week 1 victory in sarcastic terms. "I understand we played the Giants before and the only reason we stopped them was their lack of execution, that it had nothing to do our players or our scheme. ... That's been well documented. That was said.

"They give a lot of credit where credit is due, and it's just because of their lack of execution. We got the message, we understand that. That'll be great. We're looking forward to that challenge.

"They're the Super Bowl champs. We've given them nothing but respect. They've hung a million yards up on us before. Then we played them the first game of the year, they just had a bad day."

There's never a dull moment when the Ryan brothers are involved. And there's nothing better than a perceived slight turned into bulletin board material.

Good times.

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