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Jay Cutler hosts family of slain Chicago Bears fan


Say what you must about Jay Cutler. The Chicago Bears quarterback has come across as cranky at times, but the man has a heart.

Cutler invited the family of a Bears fan murdered in Jacksonville, Fla., earlier this month to attend Monday night's win over the Detroit Lions, according to ESPN Chicago.

Christopher Pettry, 42, was fatally stabbed at a restaurant in the Jacksonville Landing on Oct. 7, before the Bears' Week 5 victory over the Jaguars. Cutler furnished Pettry's wife, Karen, and three children with game tickets and spent time with them on the field before the game.

"We wanted to reach out and bring them to the game," Cutler said. "It's a tough situation. There's nothing I or anyone can say that can really ease their pain or bring anybody back. Hopefully we were able to let them have an enjoyable time for three or four hours and kind of forget their loss and just have a good time and help them in that way because it's hard."

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