Adrian Peterson expects more from Minnesota Vikings


The Minnesota Vikings might be the most surprising team in the NFL at 5-2. Only one season after bottoming out at 3-13, running back Adrian Peterson and the gang should contend for a playoff spot.

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Peterson, however, sounds disappointed.

"I thought we would be undefeated, to be honest," Peterson said, according to The Pioneer Press.


"Yeah. No joke," Peterson said. "Outside (the locker room), let them say what they have to say. It's all about what we're doing in here and what we believe in."

Peterson seems like a guy who expects the impossible -- which explains how he can look like the best running back in the NFL so quickly after knee surgery.

We watched Peterson on Game Rewind against the Arizona Cardinals and continue to be amazed how he looks better each and every week. His vision never has diminished, but now he can better take advantage of it. He's cutting sharply. He's carrying the pile. When Peterson sees a hole, he hits it like no other back in the league.

This is a flawed Vikings team because the passing game lacks explosive plays. But with Peterson, wide receiver Percy Harvin and an improved defense, it can continue to beat lesser teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night.

Peterson is only going to improve throughout the season. He could carry this team to a wild-card spot.

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