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Casey Hayward ready to take over for injured Charles Woodson

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The Green Bay Packers have no choice but to move forward from the most recent hit to their defense.

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With safety Charles Woodson missing six weeks with a broken collarbone, cornerback Casey Hayward will try to fill that void in the secondary.

"Somebody's just gotta come up and step up and make a lot of plays in his absence," Hayward said on the "Double Coverage" podcast.

"You just gotta come up and be very physical cuz that's what we're missing when Charles leaves."

Woodson didn't appear injured in the Packers' 30-20 win over the St. Louis Rams, but sat out the teams' last defensive play. Woodson broke the same collarbone he broke in Super Bowl XLV.

"You just can't think about, 'aw man, this guy is hurt, you know what we gonna do?' Hayward said. "You gotta bounce back and come together as a team and play and play even better."



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