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Matt Cassel or Cam Newton: Which one has disappointed more?


Mark, @Rolling_Tones, who hit us up with a great question via Twitter -- and you'll love it because it's negative: Which QB has been most disappointing this season?

So much to choose from. My first instinct is to go with Mark Sanchez. But I'm only surprised that he's yet to be replaced by Tim Tebow.

I'm tempted to go Tebow but he’s a personal punt protector. I'm actually going to say Kansas City's Matt Cassel, who has just been replaced by Brady Quinn...

Cassel's a good choice. But let me allow me to continue. Cam Newton? He is, after all, coming off that record-breaking rookie season. And that sweater? If that's not disappointing...

Cam is not off to a good start by any means. Not much around him to work with. Cassel had weapons, which is why he's been such a mess.

Cassel has weapons, sure. But none as good as Megatron. It's worth mentioning, therefore, that coming off a 5,000 yard season, he has the same touchdown/interception numbers that Cam has.

Romeo Crennel is making a bold move by benching Cassel because that's GM Scott Pioli's guy he brought from New England. This clearly is do or die time.

They're still the Chiefs. No one was calling them a Dream Team. No one was referring to them as a possible dynasty. One that was Michael Vick, he of the eight interceptions and nine fumbles.

Vick has been a major disappointment but a lot of people thought KC was going to be good -- including us. Vick will get the Cassel treatment if he keeps turning over the ball.



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