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Shaun Phillips: I've seen a lot of cheating in the NFL


With the San Diego Chargers under investigation by the NFL for using an illegal "stickum-type" substance against the Denver Broncos last Monday night, coach Norv Turner says his team is innocent.

Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips also disagrees with his teammates being labeled as rule-breakers, but he acknowledged Monday that he's seen plenty of foul play during his nine-year NFL career.

"Cheater is a big word," Phillips told reporters Monday, via "I've seen a lot of cheating in the NFL. I don't know that you could consider the use of stickum to be cheating. But it always sucks because you never want to be cast as a cheater. All you have to do is keep playing and doing what you're doing. Let people say what they have to say and take care of your own business."

Phillips declined to lift the veil on what exactly he's seen during his time in football, but he wasn't referring to stickum.

The Chargers, meanwhile, can't wait for this one to go away.

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