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Brandon Marshall, Lawrence Jackson differ on Suh hit

  • By David Weiner
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Ndamukong Suh's violent takedown of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Monday night was a vivid reminder of the Detroit Lions defensive tackle's controversial history.

It was deemed a legal hit by game officials, who didn't throw a flag, and even Bears coach Lovie Smith said after Chicago's 13-7 victory that the play wasn't dirty and Suh simply was "playing hard, trying to win the game," according to The Associated Press.

Still, some players never seem able to shed their reputations. After the game, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall took a shot at Suh on Twitter. That caught the attention of Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson, who jumped to his teammate's defense:

Suh certainly deserves the multiple personal-foul penalties he has accumulated during his first two NFL seasons, but his Monday night sack of Cutler merely was a defensive tackle being physical, aggressive, and yes, a little nasty.

But it within the rules. It's something the Lions could use a lot more of -- from Suh and the rest of their defense.

Besides, Suh even might have done the Bears a favor, allowing the famously prickly Cutler to earn favor with the Chicago fans by shaking off the hit and showing some toughness.