Eli Manning or Robert Griffin III: Who was more impressive?

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Robert Griffin III was spectacular against the Giants on Sunday, but Eli gets final props because he closed the deal with that 77-yard TD pass to Victor Cruz.

Wrong again, Steve. I'm taking Sir Robert Griffin III on this: 258 passing yards, 2 TDs, a passer rating of 101.8 on the season. Eli couldn't have done that as a rookie.

He wasn't asked to. Also, two different players at different points in their careers. Joe Montana and Tom Brady didn't do this as a rookie. You're comparing apples and oranges.

Who's more impressive? You saw that perfect strike to Santana Moss? That's impressive, coming from a guy who was being dismissed as a system quarterback this time last year.

A ton of GMs I spoke to last season wanted RG3 in the worst way. He wasn't a system guy in their eyes. Back to Eli: He won on a beautiful 77-yarder. Again -- he won.

It's taken Eli years. Eli doesn't make that throw his freshman year. And run for 89 yard? Never.

Again, you are comparing apples and oranges. David Carr made big throws and nice runs as a rookie. RG3 should be better, but no need to squat on Eli and his win over RG3 in their first meeting.

He didn't beat RG3. He beat the Redskins defense. Back to more impressive, remember: RG3 is without Pierre Garcon and now, Fred Davis.

Another half-baked argument. Eli overcame two picks from that 'Skins defense and threw his only touchdown when it mattered. Why are you giving up excuses now?

Overcame? He threw them, right? While you're pondering that, consider this, too: What do you think RG3 would do with Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz? Goodnight, pally.

Didn't Eli have David Tyree in the Super Bowl? Enough with that. Eli has great receivers and he utilized them when it counted. RG3 will get there. He just got an up-close glimpse of a champion.



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