Washington high schooler kicks 67-yard field goal


It's patently absurd that the NFL record for longest field goal continues to stand at 63 yards.

Tom Dempsey originally set the mark in 1970, and it has been equaled by several others, most recently by David Akers of the San Francisco 49ers in September.

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I have little doubt all 32 starting kickers in the NFL can break the record given a couple shots at it. The problem is most kickers never get the opportunity. You coaches with your "field position" theories.

My theory gains more traction with the exploits of a young man by the name of Austin Rehkow, a kicker at Central Valley High in Spokane, Wash., Rehkow booted a 67-yard field goal Thursday night. That's right -- a high school senior obliterated a 42-year-old NFL record.

The craziest part? Rehkow doesn't even own the high school mark. Some Duran Duran fan drilled a 68-yarder back in '85, according to MaxPreps.com.

Is Sebastian Janikowski aware this stuff is going on? How about Legatron?

In any event, congrats, Austin. That should secure you a homecoming date.

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