Ndamukong Suh questioned about his sister's tweet


Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was asked Thursday about a tweet his sister wrote. This is where we are in 2012.

We're not saying it's better or worse than before. But the first sentence of this post just didn't exist a few years back.

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Here's the backstory: One day after Suh and his sister were sued in a landlord squabble and two days after he was in a minor car accident, Ngam Suh wrote the following: "Thank u Jesus! Only 2.5 more years! #Freedom."

Ngam lives in Detroit and is active in the Suh Foundation. Her brother's contract runs out in 2.5 years. This caused enough hand-wringing in Detroit for it to come up Thursday.

"What my sister tweets is what she tweets," Suh said, via the Detroit Free Press. "It has nothing to do with me. That's her personal account. That's why her name's on it. I have my personal account that says verified, it says my name on it.

"I would love to be here. This city is great to me, it continues to be great to me. The people are great people, and I love playing here. That's why I wear the jersey."

Suh's next contract should be the least of his concerns right now. And Lions fans should hardly take it as a given they'll want him after a few more seasons. We're still trying to figure out how good Suh really is after a sloppy 2011 followed by a slow start to 2012. He looks like an average player who is treated like a superstar.

Asked how he deals with all the attention, Suh responded: "Next question. It's as simple as that. Next question."

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