Beyoncé a logical choice for Super Bowl halftime show

National Football League
Beyoncé will be headlining Super Bowl XLVII's halftime show in New Orleans on Feb. 3, 2013.

As you've probably heard by now, Beyoncé will serve as the halftime performer at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on February 3.

This is a sensible pick that meets all my requirements to play a gig of this magnitude:

» Is artist globally known? Check.
» Is artist still culturally relevant? Check.
» Does artist possess sex appeal/necessary pop heft? Check.
» Does your Mom know who artist is? Check.

If you read my list of halftime performer possibilities posted Monday on Around The League, you'll see Beyonce wasn't in the discussion. You'd think this would be a source of great shame for yours truly ... but it is not.

I had dismissed Beyoncé from consideration because I thought she was on a baby-making hiatus. B and Jay-Z brought Blue Ivy Carter into the world in January, which ended up clouding my judgment in retrospect.

You see, I've reached a stage in my life where all my friends are having babies. It's hard to express how much this changes lives. My friends with kids can't even go out to dinner anymore, let alone play the freaking Super Bowl halftime show.

I'm serious about this. My buddy and ATL colleague Marc Sessler had some mornings after the birth of his second son when he looked like The Guy Who Came Back From The War And Saw Too Much.

Obviously, I underestimated Beyoncé. Well, that and the fact she probably has a small army of assistants to help raise her genetically gifted daughter. One or the other.

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