Jacobs, Manningham help 49ers prep for Giants

On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will try to do what they couldn't in January -- beat the New York Giants on their own turf.

The 4-1 Niners have improved their offense significantly since the last time these teams met, including adding two players who were on the opposite sideline in the NFC Championship Game.

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Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham each played key roles in the Giants' road to the Lombardi Trophy last season. Now they're using their intimate knowledge of what the Giants do to help their new team.

"Certain things we've done -- I ran a scout team earlier this week," Jacobs told NFL.com and NFL Network's Michelle Beisner. "Just pointing out certain things -- what they're gonna do and how they're gonna try and minimize some of our defensive players talents.

"As far as the running back position goes, I just got out and did what they're gonna do (Giants) so our guys can see it all week long, so we can be ready for them on Sunday."

Niners cornerback Carlos Rogers -- who will not salsa on Sunday -- said Jacobs and Manningham have been a key part of preparation.

"They've helped a lot. Brandon came in early on Monday and said that he was having a meeting with the coaching staff going over some of the things that he remembered -- you know, what is Eli (Manning) thinking on certain formations -- where the runs gonna go -- he went over some of the blocking schemes and protections, too.

"Mario has helped -- especially with knowledge about (Victor) Cruz -- you know, what the backside is gonna do, the looks he sees, where the ball's gonna go -- like we know it's going to Hakeem (Nicks) if we see single high. So it's been good."

It's debatable how much this information actually helps the Niners, though we don't imagine it hurts. Either way, this is unquestionably the game of the week.

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