Reggie Wayne blames soda for cramps in Colts' game


Reggie Wayne might want to lay off the Mountain Dew. Then again, maybe not.

The Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl receiver had a career day in Week 5 against the Green Bay Packers with 13 receptions for 212 yards and a touchdown. He scored the game-winner in the final seconds.

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Wayne admitted to playing through some serious cramps.

"That's me being a victim of sodas and not enough water," Wayne told the Indianapolis Star. "I know better than that."

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, known for his strict diet and water regimen, would be appalled. Though, Lewis hasn't had the type of game in 2012 that Wayne just posted.

Wayne might have stumbled upon an endorsement opportunity: Do the Dew and put up 200-plus receiving yards in the NFL.

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